Terms Of Service

  • Dermatologistnear-me.com (www.dermatologistnear-me.com) welcomes you on arriving at our site. The following terms and conditions apply to Dermatologistnear-me.com (''we'', ''us'', and ''our site'') and anyone trying to access the site will be assumed to have read, understood and accepted them thus, please read them carefully.

    The terms and conditions apply as from 08/08/2013 and your continuous use of the site will signify your acceptance of our terms.

    Access and Use of Dermatologistnear-me.com

    Any access and or use of Dermatologistnear-me.com is presumed to be legally bound by the company's policies. Any acts contrary to the set conditions will not be accepted.

    2.1 Our site, Dermatologistnear-me.com, is a virtual space through which we allow both registered and non-registered users, bound by our terms and conditions, to make business postings that adhere to our requirements. We will not in any way be held accountable to any publishing made by the user but rather themselves will be. It should be understood that Dermatologistnear-me.com, only serves the purpose of providing a platform for e-commerce for its users.

    2.2 We (Dermatologistnear-me.com) will not in any way contribute towards the agreement, transactions and or contracts involving our users and third parties. Any of such bindings and or conclusion(s) solely remains the affairs of the user and the third party. It is also demanded that the two parties settle all their grievances and or honor their contracts without involving Dermatologistnear-me.com in any way.

    3.1 Anyone located anywhere is at liberty to use our services as long as they are bound by our policies. In order to be a user, one fills out an online registration form provided by Dermatologistnear-me.com, guaranteeing that the information is correct and true. Should in any case there be a change/ changes to the provided information, the user is to inform us appropriately and promptly. As soon as you activate the access provided, then the registration is deemed complete, and any other move will be bound by our policies. The user will have no right over their agreement with us and any contrary claims will not be recognized.

    3.2 However, any user is at liberty to withdraw from this contract with our site at any time. This can be achieved by sending an email to our Customer Support Team through the contact form. After this, Dermatologistnear-me.com will have a maximum of two weeks to terminate the contract.
    At any time that it deems necessary, Dermatologistnear-me.com will have the right to block any user's account as stated in clause 4.3.

    3.3 A business listing or entry will only be published by Dermatologistnear-me.com under the following conditions, that;
    i. We have confirmed the entry or listing through an email, or
    ii. Dermatologistnear-me.com develops the entry and lists it on our platform.

    3.4 In situations that are deemed necessary, Dermatologistnear-me.com will reserves the right to turn down a listing proposal by the user. Such a case may arise if the proposal;
    i. contravenes the terms and conditions of use of the site, or
    ii. is unethical and against acceptable moral standards, and or
    iii. aims at using Dermatologistnear-me.com for unsuitable purposes.

    3.5 At any time, Dermatologistnear-me.com will reserve the right to cancel accounts belonging to non-registered users and those that have been inactive in the last six months.

    4.1 As a user, you will be held legally and solely responsible for any information that you post or list on our website.

    You agree to:
    i. Provide complete, true and verified information about yourself
    ii. Provide your daytime contact(s)
    iii. Where necessary, provide your business details and services offered
    iv. Place your listing under the right category in the website
    v. the Dermatologistnear-me.com policies and terms of use, and dealing with third-parties
    vi. Never post a duplicate or copy of a listing that is on Dermatologistnear-me.com
    vii. Provide all the necessary information to consumers and, or clients about their rights

    4.2 At no particular time will you as a user, list content that contravenes our terms and conditions, third party rights, and or goes against the acceptable moral standards.
    The user is also prohibited from;
    • Making postings that violate the laws of the authorities
    • Dealing in unscrupulous business on our website
    • Posting content aimed at enriching pyramid schemes, complex marketing chains or sending spam
    • Developing malware or spyware, and disseminating the same on Dermatologistnear-me.com, and to the third parties
    • Derailing the smooth operations of our site by overwhelming our infrastructure
    • Mining data on other users and third parties from Dermatologistnear-me.com without authorization.
    • Hacking into our website

    4.3 Dermatologistnear-me.com reserves the right to block, delete or suspend postings that in any way goes against our policies (clause 4.2). It will also be upon Dermatologistnear-me.com to caution the user and suspend their account(s) or delete them permanently and withdraw from the contracts. During such a time, the user's legitimate interests are honored. This may include interests such as a refund for already settled bills while at the same time, no such will be made for illegal content.

    The users are called upon not to include Dermatologistnear-me.com from compensations or legal tussles between them and other users or third parties whose rights have been infringed on by the published content as stated in clause 4.2. You will also be required to solely bear the burden of legal costs and claims in lawsuits against Dermatologistnear-me.com. This also includes the court's and barrister's costs. In such a case, the plaintiff is required to promptly submit true and verified information to defend his/her interests and claim(s).

    6.1 Basically, the usage of our website is free of charge for our users. On the other hand, Dermatologistnear-me.com holds the right to charge a given fee on special services offered as well as any business postings on the available slots in the site.

    6.2 For the different countries, the users will be charged fees at rates corresponding to their currencies. At times, Dermatologistnear-me.com will be forced to charge in a different currency from the users for technical reasons, for example rise in inflation in a country.

    6.3 The user will only use the payment avenues available on the site to promptly settle every fee charged on him/her. Any extra cost arising from transactions will be settled by the user and not us.

    6.4 Through an invoice that will be disseminated to you via email, you will be notified of your account status and provided with a link to the user shall be informed about new invoices via an email that provides a link to your "My Dermatologistnear-me.com" account from which the invoice(s) may then be downloaded. In a bid to protect you, Dermatologistnear-me.com only dispatches such emails to the registered e-mail address on our site.

    6.5 Should in any case, there be a delay in payment of the fee, we hold the right to halt our services and suspend the user's activities till the bill is settled.

    6.6 We hold the right to temporarily scale and decide on the fees to be charged for promotional services, modifying our systems and or other services deemed vital.

    Dermatologistnear-me.com also offers its users with the opportunity to book additional features for their business listings in accordance to their convenient timeline. If in any case the user deletes the proposal before the allocated time-frame has elapsed, his/her right to the remaining “unused” booked time is automatically nullified. In addition, Dermatologistnear-me.com will not refund the user for such time.

    We hold the right to re-enlist on other websites and platforms related to, and owned by Dermatologistnear-me.com.

    9.1 At any particular time, the user is free to edit, delete or modify his/her business listing.

    9.2 A user is also free to demanded for the retraction or removal of his/her own advertisement from the Dermatologistnear-me.com website. Up to a maximum of 72 hours, Dermatologistnear-me.com will be ready to adhere to the user's demands of withdrawing the ad(s).

    10.1 Never will you hold us accountable to content other users list. Due to the fact that most of the content listed are made by the user, Dermatologistnear-me.com does not guarantee;
    i. the accuracy of content posted
    ii. user's contacts
    iii. quality, safety and legal nature of what is listed
    iv. an all time secure access to our services

    Also based on our rights, we disown any guarantees, communications expressing standards, sell, ability and or fitness for a particular function and those that are a result of a legislative act. At any time, Dermatologistnear-me.com will not be held liable for any loss, whether financial goodwill, or image arising from your use of our site. This extends to whether you made efforts to advise us or if in any way, we were in a position to sense the problem in time. In certain instances, jurisdictions do not accept the disclaimer of guarantees or omitting of losses, thus such may not apply in your case.

    10.2 However, should we be held liable, this liability to you or any third party (be it in contract, due to tort, as a result of negligence, strict liability in tort, or by statute and otherwise) shall not exceed;
    (a) your past total amount of fees to us in the last one year (12 months) prior to the liability causing action, and;
    (b) 100 US Dollars

    11.1 In any case one wants to pass his/her Dermatologistnear-me.com user rights to a third party, then Dermatologistnear-me.com must approve of it.

    11.2 It is unlawful to expose your Dermatologistnear-me.com logging details and passwords to third parties.

    11.3 Should in any case the user be a legal entity of public law or be part of a special funding according to the law, the venue for legal enactments are in Tel Aviv, Israel. 11.4 Any legal tussles between Dermatologistnear-me.com and its user(s) will be under the rights provisions of the laws of the State of Israel.

    For any question(s), grievances, remarks and or observations, please reach us through our contact form.